FrameIT Project: Paper accepted at CICM 2020

Yesterday we received an accepting notification for a paper on our FrameIT project that we submitted to CICM 2020, a Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics. In that project, we are exploring use cases for knowledge management systems in game creation, in particular to detangle the ubiquitous knowledge management from game design.

Concretely, in the paper we propose this general approach of decoupling and also present a prototypical framework of ours connecting the Unity game engine with our knowledge management system MMT to yield a very simple serious game. In that game, th player has to calculate a tree’s height by applying some trigonmetry – notably the identification of variables and calculation happen in-game. For example, the player has to mark the triangle in the 3D world and deliberately choose the tree as the opposite. By contrast, in some games this is often left off-band with pen & paper for the player to do.

  • 📽️ Demo Video of our prototype:

Navid Roux
Navid Roux
Computer Science M. Sc. Student

Academically interested in formal systems for knowledge representation; recreationally in love with sports.