On Creating this Blog

For some weeks I had the idea to create a personal website. Primarily, it should function as a place where I can share thoughts about the things I work with. For example, I tend to re-explain the MMT system numerous times to different people — having a unified blog post to point people to would be awesome!

Some ideals I have as of time of writing:

  • 📃 Contents: mathematical knowledge management, formal systems such as MMT, general math and computer science.

  • 💾 Open Science: I’d like to make all data and sources for this blog available under a very liberal license granting arbitrary usage under strong attribution requirements.

  • 💬 Open Discussion: I’d like to provide a commenting service under each post for fearless feedback and discussion.

Navid Roux
Navid Roux
Computer Science M. Sc. Student

Academically interested in formal systems for knowledge representation; recreationally in love with sports.