tolarz | Karlo_ | Any NOT-less function requires f(x, …, 0) <= f(x, …, 1) │

  tolarz | true in propositional logic, I guess                                                                                                     

  tolarz | rubiksdream: Karlo_ There is a nice generalization of this proprety to many logics. It's called monotonicity.                            

  tolarz | E.g. in FOL, a formula is monotone iff. it only contains the connectives ∧, ∨, ∀, ⇒                                                      
  tolarz | and ≐                                                                                                                                    
  tolarz | (I guess, not sure about ⇒ anymore)                                                                                                      

  tolarz | The intuition is that if a formula F is monotone, then if M |= F and M' is a *super*model of M (e.g. bigger universes), then M' |= F, too
  tolarz | "making the world larger does not invalidate formulae"                                                                                   
  Karlo_ | I did some work on context logic some years ago.                                                                                         
  tolarz | "making the world larger does not invalidate monotonous formulae"
Navid Roux
Navid Roux
Computer Science M. Sc. Student

Academically interested in formal systems for knowledge representation; recreationally in love with sports.

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