Navid Roux

Navid Roux

Computer Science M. Sc. Student

Friedrich-Alexander-Universtiät Erlangen-Nürnberg


I currently pursue my M. Sc. degree in computer science. My primary interests are in formal methods for representing, refactoring, and transforming mathematical knowledge (mathematical knowledge management) as well as increasingly in research in software engineering. Concretely, under advisory of Michael Kohlhase and Florian Rabe at the kwarc research group, I am currently working on structure-preserving diagram operators.

Overall in my studies, I have been specializing in the topics mentioned above, but also in cryptography and cryptocurrencies. My minor is in math where so far I have taken topology, functional analysis and complex analysis.

Apart from academic work, I like to do sports, in particular Calisthenics to gain strength for Ninja Warriors obstacles. Fortunately, there is a dedicated gym for that in the town I live, where I also coach children and adults coming there for the first time.

  • Mathematical Knowledge Management
  • Formal Systems and Methods
  • Proof Assistants
  • Research in Software Engineering
  • B. Sc. in Computer Science, 2019

    Friedrich-Alexander-Universtiät Erlangen-Nürnberg


Coach for Ninja Warriors Gym
Aug 2019 – Jul 2021 Erlangen

Evolving from having had done the Ninja Warriors sports myself, I had started coaching children and adults coming to our gym for the first time.

I worked with pretty different populations, ranging from 10 up to 40 yrs. in age, from 3 up to 20 in group size, and for over 100 coached hours in total. My speciality was in children’s birthdays.

Our gym closed in July 2021 for financial reasons.

M. Sc. in Computer Science (minor in Mathematics)
Apr 2019 – Present Erlangen

Selection of specializing courses in master and bachelor taken so far:

B. Sc. in Computer Science
Oct 2015 – Jul 2019 Erlangen
See description of M. Sc. above for a selection of courses taken.
TA for “Foundations of Computer Engineering”
Oct 2016 – Feb 2018 Erlangen

This course is taught for first-year students of CS and involves basics of propositional logic, elementary logic gates up to multiplexers, multipliers, dividers, algorithmic minimization of circuits, and VHDL to describe hardware.

As a TA, I was responsible to deliver one blackboard exercise lesson per week discussing lecture material and problem sets. On top of that, I voluntarily also

  • discussed additional problem sets incl. old exams
  • answered questions via e-mail/online forum
  • created a website with longer expository information (e.g. on division algorithms) and self-made interactive educational tools:
    • Karnaugh maps to highlight symmetries and compute minimal disjunctive/conjunctive forms of boolean formulae
    • an decimal number ↔ IEEE 754 bit representation converter


Diagram Operators

Research on concise specification and implementation of operators on diagrams of formalizations and their meta theory.


Project at KWARC connecting serious games and Mathematical Knowledge Management techniques.

Fiddling with JetBrains MPS

Hobby exploration of the language workbench JetBrains MPS that allows to quickly create DSLs with a “projectional editing”-first idiom.

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